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Sorry for not keeping our blog updated. We have been and will be involved in The Centrepoint’s campaigns in Sept, Oct and Nov. It has been exciting working with fellow crafters and artists.

Let us drop some event posters here, just in case you are keen to join in the fun too! 🙂

We are still preparing for November’s campaign. Stay tuned for more deets.

Meanwhile, you may want to check out our workshops in October via these links:

Flora Terrarium Arrangement Workshop:

Flora Jar Arrangement Workshop:

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Numerology Workshop (21 July 2018)


Numerology Workshop (21 July 2018)

Numbers are vibrations. They speak their own language. A language that looks at your life numerically. Each number has its own identity. Unique codes. They guide you on your path and the situations that you find yourself in.

From the day you were born, you were gifted with the first 2 sets of numbers. Time of birth and date of birth. Before you even get your name officially minted. And, thereafter, you get more numbers! Identification numbers, house numbers, passport numbers, mobile numbers and the list goes on. Your date of birth is the most important identity before all others. It outlines your life direction and the lessons along the way. It shows your personality, strengths and hidden potentials.

In this workshop, you will be able to:
1) read birth dates and map out potentials and challenges
2) learn why some people behave in a certain way
3) improve relationship with loved ones
4) manage clients

Most importantly, it is about you!

Life happens for you. You reach out better. You demostrate better EQ (when you actually have numerology as an upper hand). Numerology helps you to connect to people better and empowers you to live the dream that you want.

About the instructor:
Heather holds a Bachelor of Arts from the National University of Singapore and a Post-graduate Diploma in Education (Singapore). She has worked with teenagers for 10 years and it has been an enriching part of her career as an educator.
Today, she continues to be a teacher in her new area of work. She teaches about psychic development, numerology and share her personal spiritual experiences. Her work has evolved, so has the the type and age of her students.
Get life moving on an easier path. Hope to see you at the workshop! 🙂
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Emotional Freedom One (June to July) 

Emotional Freedom One (June to July) 

The quality of your communication is the quality of your life, your happiness and your relationship.

Ever wonder why despite all the material advantages, we are still in poverty of happiness? Ever wonder why despite surrounded by loved ones, our relationship are still in tatter?

 We search far, wide and a long time for answers to our life problems. Many left this world without an answer. 

 Can life be truly happier? Can there be truly meaning in relationship? Yes! Can!

Join us and discover for yourselves what is like to be truly happier and truly experiencing meaning in relationship leading to a fulfilling life. 

Emotions Freedom One essentially is a six-session workshop for participants to raise:

1. Emotions awareness

2. Skills and effectiveness in compassionate speech

3. Skills for creating love, trust, understanding & respect

Benefits for individual

1. Develop self, social and workplace management

2. Build strong and meaningful relationship with loved ones, friends and co-workers

3. Increase happiness, well being and success

Benefits for parents

1. Develop our children’s emotions awareness

2. Enabling emotions coaching

3. Establish meaningful relationship with our children of all ages

 Benefits for couples in relationship

1. Develop and enjoy a deeper and more profound relationship


6 weekly session starting 15 June  to  20 July 2018 (Every Friday)


7.00pm – 10.00pm

About the Facilitator 

An advocate for living in harmony; for peace, meaning and happiness. Her sharing is befitting lived experiences of oneself who has actualized the skills and walking the talk. Happily married with 4 grown up sons in a cohesive and close-knit family. She has been conducting parenting and emotional workshop for the past 10 years and gives in doing community work supporting people in recovery from mental health.

Geok Lan has within her a wealth of experiential wisdom that hopes to inspire, empower and enlighten seekers in their journey of quality and meaningful living, filled with happiness and well-being.


To sign up, click here.

All-Natural DIY Workshops

All-Natural DIY Workshops@The Centrepoint (June)

Some of you might have already known this but to those who don’t know, we are in collaboration with The Centrepoint again to host these exiciting workshops for its shoppers in June!

We received very positive response for the Flower Arrangement and Himalayan Body Scrub Making Workshop which were held at The Centrepoint last weekend. Thank you everyone for attending the workshops, it was our pleasure to meet all of you in person.

We will be hosting Tea Flowers and Crystals Perfume Making and Flowers Gel Wax & Soy Candle + Scented Clay Making Workshop this weekend. The online registration is already full but if you are really keen to participate, feel free to drop us an email ( to request to be in the waiting list.

Do find out more about the workshops via the links below:
Tea Flowers and Crystals Perfume Making Workshop
Click here.

Flowers Gel Wax & Soy Candle + Scented Clay Making Workshop
Click here.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries.

See you soon!

Art Revelation Workshop

Art Revelation Workshop

Hello thanks for hanging around!

We are hosting the Art Revelation Workshop in June. If you are keen in discovering your inner self, we’d suggest you to give this workshop a try.

If you noticed, we have also renamed this workshop; it is now called Art Revelation Workshop. The content and activity is still very similar to the Art Therapy Workshop we used to host. If you have participated in similar workshop before and wish to do it again simply because you enjoy it, we definietly will be happy to prepare more in-depth art projects for you to work on. And of course, beginners are more than welcome too! 🙂

Click here to sign up/ find out more!

We look forward to seeing you! x

All-Natural Wellness Workshops@The Centrepoint

All-Natural Wellness Workshops@The Centrepoint (April)

Holla everyone! How is everyone doing?

We have been very excited about our upcoming collaboration with The Centrepoint!!

Some of the workshops are already fully booked. We really cannot wait to see how everything falls into place on the actual days.

If you are keen to take part in the workshops, do sign up via the links below.

  1. Soap Making Workshop, click here.
  2. Essential Oil Making Workshop, click here.
  3. Bath Bomb Making Workshop, click here.
  4. Perfume Making Workshop, click here.

Say hi to us if you do come by. See you 🙂

Art Therapy Workshop (21 April 2018)

Date: 21 April 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 10am – 1pm

Venue: Artisan Space Concept (9 King Albert Park #02-06 KAP, Singapore 598332)

Course fee: S$80 per person


Art therapy is a creative process of improving one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being through art – crafting, doodling and painting. The idea of self-exploration is foreign as many skim through life trying to check all the boxes. The endless to-do list hinders our journey to dig deep into our inner emotions.

Through this workshop, you will be guided in the followings by an experienced art therapist to explore feelings and emotions through your own art creation:

– Recognize, understand and manage your underlying emotions and feelings

– Express yourself without any communication barrier through arts

– Find self-help skills

– Find out what your true emotional needs are

Art-making helps participants to improve relationship without losing the focus of individuality. It is especially effective for those who face difficulty in expressing their thoughts and feelings verbally. Using individual’s art creation, the art therapist will provide insightful conclusions and reveal certain aspects of oneself that you knew existed. In return, you will be more confident of your capabilities and are more aware of areas that you need to work on.

This workshop is suitable for:

– Individual

– Couple

– Parent and Child

If you have attended any art therapy workshop in the past and would like to work on more in-depth art project this time, please notify us beforehand. Our art therapist will tailor the workshop according to every participant’s needs.

About the Facilitator:

Lisa pursued her education in Art Centre College of Design in United States (Environmental Design) and ESMOD & Centre de Formation de Modalism in France (Fashion Design and Mannequin Patternmaking). During her internship with Romeo Gigli, she assisted the team in preparing fashion shows for one of the brands. Lisa was Inaba Shigeko’s right-hand man. Then, Inaba was a designer and the right-hand man of Jean-Paul Gaultier in those days that he created his own fashion labels. Lisa also worked as pattern maker and quality control specialist for other reputable fashion brands like Georges Rech, Christopher Lemaire and Morgan de Toi.

After spending many years in the fashion industry, she decided to venture on her own as an art teacher and therapist. During these 15 years, she set up her own art studio with the objective of helping others to uncover their emotional needs through arts. She strongly believes in using art as an avenue to understand one psychologically and emotionally with visual work and several art materials. Many individuals have sought her for art therapy. She guided them to discover their inner feelings and emotions through their own art creation.

At the corporate level, she has conducted art therapy workshops for organizations like Sony Ericsson, Abdael Surabaya (architectural design consulting firm), Yayasan Galuh (mental rehabilitation centre), Surya University and a military based camp in Sorong Papua to improve the mental wellbeing of the members and employees. During these workshops, Lisa guided them to discover their underlying emotions through analysing their brushstrokes, colours and symbols of their painting.

She has spent her entire youth working in the French fashion industry. She left the fashion industry to follow her heart on embarking a journey as an art teacher and therapist. She enjoys her job and finds it self-fulfilling.

Written Articles: 

1. Save the Children of Today by Becoming One

2. The Blind Pianist with an unrelenting ATTITUDE

3. Life journey as an art therapist

4. Self-love is all you need


To sign up, click here! 🙂


Emotional Freedom Level One (January to February 2018)

As parents, we give our time, love, experience, guidance, wisdom and material support. We provide our children with food, clothing, shelter and education. We do – and even think – for our children. We want them to be happy, successful, independent and morally upright. We protect them from failure, disappointment, hurt and pain. We are willing to go to great lengths to fulfil our parenting goal. We put in tremendous effort, try and try, sacrifice and never give up.

Our aches, pain, stress and hopelessness come from our desire to do the best for our children. In the course of it, we find ourselves in the web of bewilderment when the relationship falls apart. Children are displaying behaviour that is not intended by parents. “What do we do as parents?”; “What is wrong with our children?”

The heart of parenting is emotions and feelings support. During this workshop, parents can pick up principles and skills to equip them with methods, strategies, and communication skills to provide such support.

Participants will be guided to raise: 
1. Emotional awareness.
2. Skills & effectiveness in compassionate speaking
3. Skills in creating feelings of love, trust, understanding and respect.

Benefits for Individuals:
1. Develop emotional self, social and workplace management.
2. Build strong and meaningful relationship with loved ones, friends and co-workers.
3. Increase well being, success and happiness.

Benefits for Parents (with children of all ages):
1. Develop our children’s emotional intelligence.
2. Establish meaningful relationship with our children.
3. Build children’s resilient, self-direction and self-efficiency.
4. Raise children’s well being, success and happiness.

Couples in relationship
1. To develop a more meaningful and profound life together.

About the facilitator: 
An advocate for living in harmony; for peace, meaning and happiness. Her sharing is befitting lived experiences of oneself who has actualized the skills and walking the talk. Happily married with 4 grown up sons in a cohesive and close-knit family. She has been conducting parenting workshop for the past 10 years and gives in doing community work supporting people in recovery from mental health.

Geok Lan has within her a wealth of experiential wisdom that hopes to inspire, empower and enlighten seekers in their journey of quality and meaningful living, filled with happiness and well-being.


6 sessions

a) 8 January 2018
b) 15 January 2018
c) 22 January 2018
d) 29 January 2018
e) 5 February 2018
f) 12 February 2018


7.00pm -10.00pm


Artisan Space Concept
9 King Albert Park #02-06 KAP Singapore (598332)



Wildflowers + Foliage: Modern Botanical Illustrations for Calligraphy (2 December 2017)

Date: 2 December 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 11am – 3pm

Location: Artisan Space Concept

9 King Albert Park #02-06 KAP Singapore 598332

About the Facilitator

Brenda-Mae is the brainchild of TYPE + Sundry and has always been into creative things- scrapbooking, typography and graphic design.

She especially has a love of typography and lettering and can’t wait to share her experience and skills with others.

About the Workshop

Nature-inspired illustrative elements are such a perfect accompaniment to calligraphy. How many times have you wished you could elevate your work with the right combination of florals and foliage, painted confidently and creatively by your own hand?

Come on a journey with Brenda in this 4-hour workshop to let nature lead us, unhindered, into an artistic space of mind and soul.

p/s: To make things even more fun, all participants at this workshop will be entered in a drawing to win one copy of Alli Koch’s latest book, How to Draw Modern Florals!

What You’ll Learn

 Sketching flowers and leaves

The basics of colour theory, mixing and creating a palette

Techniques for painting, detailing and creating depth

Composing botanical clusters, collages, and frames

Who This Workshop is For

Complete beginners to watercolour are welcome but do note that this is a fast-paced workshop, so you should at least be confident that you’ll be able to keep up!

Anyone who wants to learn to sketch and paint watercolour botanicals with ease and confidence.

What’s Included

Take-home kit consisting of:

Lesson guide

Watercolour paint + palette

1 set of paintbrushes

1 pack of A4 size 100% cotton watercolour paper

(total value worth $45)

Click here to sign up! xx


Numerology 1: Essential Survival Knowledge Workshop (26 November 2017)

Date: 26 November 2017 (Sunday)

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: Artisan Space Concept

9 King Albert Park #02-06 KAP Singapore 598332

Course Fee: S$180

About the Facilitator

Heather Ho, the founder of The Violet Oracle have embarked on this spiritual journey to be able to assist more people in their life purpose. It was through a trip to Nepal in 2003 that she discovered her psychic abilities. It was a life-changing trip that witnessed an awakening of psychic abilities from previous lifetimes, and spiritual opportunities and synchronicity were natural progressions thereafter.

She works as a clairvoyant who tunes in to her clients’ energy to receive oracles such as visions, messages and symbols. She picks up the challenges or emotions of her clients and their situations. She could work with their past and present issues and work with the potential future. She seeks to address her clients’ issues directly so they would not leave the consultation unfulfilled. Besides harnessing her natural psychic abilities, she also combines numerology and tarot in her work as numbers and symbols are some of the many ways the Universe communicates with us.

About the Workshop

This is a 6-hour workshop. You would be able to apply what you have learnt right away; you would be able to read birth dates and map out some of their potentials and challenges. You would understand why some people behave in a certain way and how to better manage and improve your relationship with them. And why you gravitate towards a certain group of people. Being empowered with this insightful knowledge allows you to manage your clientele or understand your loved ones better. And there are so much more!

Workshop Focus:
– The Intricacy & Paradox of Numbers
– True Life Path & its Flow
– Your Day of Birth​
– Your Number Charm
– Crucial Number Sets Today​

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