Numerology 1: Essential Survival Knowledge Workshop (26 November 2017)

Date: 26 November 2017 (Sunday)

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: Artisan Space Concept

9 King Albert Park #02-06 KAP Singapore 598332

Course Fee: S$180

About the Facilitator

Heather Ho, the founder of The Violet Oracle have embarked on this spiritual journey to be able to assist more people in their life purpose. It was through a trip to Nepal in 2003 that she discovered her psychic abilities. It was a life-changing trip that witnessed an awakening of psychic abilities from previous lifetimes, and spiritual opportunities and synchronicity were natural progressions thereafter.

She works as a clairvoyant who tunes in to her clients’ energy to receive oracles such as visions, messages and symbols. She picks up the challenges or emotions of her clients and their situations. She could work with their past and present issues and work with the potential future. She seeks to address her clients’ issues directly so they would not leave the consultation unfulfilled. Besides harnessing her natural psychic abilities, she also combines numerology and tarot in her work as numbers and symbols are some of the many ways the Universe communicates with us.

About the Workshop

This is a 6-hour workshop. You would be able to apply what you have learnt right away; you would be able to read birth dates and map out some of their potentials and challenges. You would understand why some people behave in a certain way and how to better manage and improve your relationship with them. And why you gravitate towards a certain group of people. Being empowered with this insightful knowledge allows you to manage your clientele or understand your loved ones better. And there are so much more!

Workshop Focus:
– The Intricacy & Paradox of Numbers
– True Life Path & its Flow
– Your Day of Birth​
– Your Number Charm
– Crucial Number Sets Today​

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