Emotional Freedom One (June to July) 

Emotional Freedom One (June to July) 

The quality of your communication is the quality of your life, your happiness and your relationship.

Ever wonder why despite all the material advantages, we are still in poverty of happiness? Ever wonder why despite surrounded by loved ones, our relationship are still in tatter?

 We search far, wide and a long time for answers to our life problems. Many left this world without an answer. 

 Can life be truly happier? Can there be truly meaning in relationship? Yes! Can!

Join us and discover for yourselves what is like to be truly happier and truly experiencing meaning in relationship leading to a fulfilling life. 

Emotions Freedom One essentially is a six-session workshop for participants to raise:

1. Emotions awareness

2. Skills and effectiveness in compassionate speech

3. Skills for creating love, trust, understanding & respect

Benefits for individual

1. Develop self, social and workplace management

2. Build strong and meaningful relationship with loved ones, friends and co-workers

3. Increase happiness, well being and success

Benefits for parents

1. Develop our children’s emotions awareness

2. Enabling emotions coaching

3. Establish meaningful relationship with our children of all ages

 Benefits for couples in relationship

1. Develop and enjoy a deeper and more profound relationship


6 weekly session starting 15 June  to  20 July 2018 (Every Friday)


7.00pm – 10.00pm

About the Facilitator 

An advocate for living in harmony; for peace, meaning and happiness. Her sharing is befitting lived experiences of oneself who has actualized the skills and walking the talk. Happily married with 4 grown up sons in a cohesive and close-knit family. She has been conducting parenting and emotional workshop for the past 10 years and gives in doing community work supporting people in recovery from mental health.

Geok Lan has within her a wealth of experiential wisdom that hopes to inspire, empower and enlighten seekers in their journey of quality and meaningful living, filled with happiness and well-being.


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