Emotional Freedom Level One (January to February 2018)

As parents, we give our time, love, experience, guidance, wisdom and material support. We provide our children with food, clothing, shelter and education. We do – and even think – for our children. We want them to be happy, successful, independent and morally upright. We protect them from failure, disappointment, hurt and pain. We are willing to go to great lengths to fulfil our parenting goal. We put in tremendous effort, try and try, sacrifice and never give up.

Our aches, pain, stress and hopelessness come from our desire to do the best for our children. In the course of it, we find ourselves in the web of bewilderment when the relationship falls apart. Children are displaying behaviour that is not intended by parents. “What do we do as parents?”; “What is wrong with our children?”

The heart of parenting is emotions and feelings support. During this workshop, parents can pick up principles and skills to equip them with methods, strategies, and communication skills to provide such support.

Participants will be guided to raise: 
1. Emotional awareness.
2. Skills & effectiveness in compassionate speaking
3. Skills in creating feelings of love, trust, understanding and respect.

Benefits for Individuals:
1. Develop emotional self, social and workplace management.
2. Build strong and meaningful relationship with loved ones, friends and co-workers.
3. Increase well being, success and happiness.

Benefits for Parents (with children of all ages):
1. Develop our children’s emotional intelligence.
2. Establish meaningful relationship with our children.
3. Build children’s resilient, self-direction and self-efficiency.
4. Raise children’s well being, success and happiness.

Couples in relationship
1. To develop a more meaningful and profound life together.

About the facilitator: 
An advocate for living in harmony; for peace, meaning and happiness. Her sharing is befitting lived experiences of oneself who has actualized the skills and walking the talk. Happily married with 4 grown up sons in a cohesive and close-knit family. She has been conducting parenting workshop for the past 10 years and gives in doing community work supporting people in recovery from mental health.

Geok Lan has within her a wealth of experiential wisdom that hopes to inspire, empower and enlighten seekers in their journey of quality and meaningful living, filled with happiness and well-being.


6 sessions

a) 8 January 2018
b) 15 January 2018
c) 22 January 2018
d) 29 January 2018
e) 5 February 2018
f) 12 February 2018


7.00pm -10.00pm


Artisan Space Concept
9 King Albert Park #02-06 KAP Singapore (598332)



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